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Speed Indicator Devices (SID’s) needed in Aldbourne
Posted: 03 May 2017 10:06 AM   [ Ignore ]  
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Interesting to see the solar-powered Speed Indicator Devices in Ramsbury, Axford, Mildenhall, Ogbourne St. Andrew....and none in Aldbourne. Why?

These devices don't prevent all speeding however they definitely do make a difference. The speeding through the village on the A4192, also down Castle St., Lottage Road and Marlborough Road is seriously dangerous to residents of Aldbourne and visitors - and responsible drivers. Oxford Street is fortunate in having parked cars forcing vehicles to slow down.

The Community Speed Watch (CSW) team of volunteers really do need to have these devices in the village to help slow down the irresponsible drivers. Please either attend a Parish Council meeting (first Wednesday of month 7:30 pm Memorial Hall) or email/write to them requesting at least one SID on the A4192 (as a start!).

It is terrifying watching people of all ages & abilities trying to cross the A4192 as the cars and lorries hurtle around corners without a thought for anyone.

And thank you Thames Water for the traffic lights on West Street! Great for slowing down the traffic even for just a few days.

From a resident of West Street and member of CSW team