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Have you met Aldbourne’s rogue buzzard?

Marlborough News Online has heard of two people who have recently been attacked by a buzzard near Aldbourne.

A Marlborough man was cycling near the village when he was hit on the back of the head. From the force of the blow his first thought was that it must be an escaped Golden Eagle.

But he saw the bird flying off and identified it as a buzzard. He was wearing a cycle helmet and though shocked and worried it might attack again, he was able to cycle back to his home.

The second report was of an Aldbourne woman who was walking in the countryside near the village. The force of the talons striking her bare head was painful and she too identified her assailant as a buzzard.

While somewhat shocked that a buzzard should make such an attack, neither victim was much the worse for the experience.

If you have been attacked by or know anything about this unusually vindictive bird please let Tony Millett at Marlborough News Online know: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Source: Marlborough News Online - Tony Millett

Posted by: RB on 26th June 2014