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Car bursts into flames in Aldbourne

Neighbours in Rectory Court in Aldbourne feared their homes would go up in flames when a car exploded inches from their properties.

The fire service was called to the scene at 1:55am on Friday morning when the car burst into flames shortly after the driver tried to start the engine.

Darren Curtis, 40, who lives in Rectory Court with his wife Sarah, said: “The car broke down outside and when the driver came back to try and get it moving it just went up in flames but he managed to run away so he wasn’t hurt.”

A crew from Ramsbury took 20 minutes to put out the fire and a thermal imaging camera was used to check that the blaze had not spread to any of the nearby houses. One of the houses was slightly singed but none were badly damaged and nobody was injured.

The crew also went into the loft of one property to make sure no embers had been thrown from the fire into the house.

Mr Curtis added: “It was quite frightening at the time and everybody was quite shocked. “We woke up when we heard the explosion and we thought the house was on fire. Everybody had to leave their houses because we could see the flames licking up at the windows so everyone was out in the street in their dressing gowns and slippers. The car was about an inch from my house so if the fire crews had been a couple of minutes later the house would have gone up in flames but luckily they arrived very quickly.”

It is believed that a mechanical fault triggered the explosion.

Source: The Gazette & Herald - Anna Mauremootoo

Posted by: RB on 13th March 2013