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The Co-op's open, and so is the new bin!

Update – Please see the recent Co-op press release, available via the download link below, for news about the Aldbourne Brownies officially re-opening the shop.

Samsung Galaxy? iPhone 5? There are some people, particularly those of an older generation, who think smart phones are rubbish. Maybe they’re right, maybe not, but thanks to our very own ‘Bin Maestro’, Tim Beattie, we’re about to see proof that rubbish phones are smart.

Tim, proprietor of West Street Motors, has ‘previous’ when it comes to the village’s fight against litter. The application of a little bit of imagination, plus a whole lot of skill, and dedication, has meant that Aldbourne already benefits from a splendid pair of themed bins, one a Tardis*, the other a Dalek. How many other villages get their bins filled, emptied and photographed by Dr Who fans? Not many.

As readers of the latest edition of The Dabchick will know, Tim’s been burning the midnight oil fabricating Aldbourne’s latest rubbish receptacle. Terry Gilligan’s article (see download link below) has described already how this new litter bin, in the shape of a large mobile phone, was destined to be sited outside the Co-op.

Unfortunately the recent refurbishment to the shop has meant a slight delay in installation. However, the workmen have now left, and Tim’s been busy with his cordless drill and step-ladder…

…So, on behalf of Tim, and the Co-op, we’re proud to announce that the bin, and the shop, are now open for business!

Bin aficionados will enjoy the usual high-tech solar powered illuminations, and the educational message triggered by the large push button. Dog owners will like the two hoops to secure one’s dog while you shop, while texting addicts will appreciate the oversized keypad.

Though the phone is not suitable for emergency calls, supplies suited to averting an emergency are available inside the shop, as long as you’re aged over 18, and you get there before 10:00pm.

Thanks, obviously, to Tim for another marvellous, and useful, addition to Aldbourne’s array of novelty bins. Thanks also to Dave Watson for providing the bin’s graphics, and to the Co-op (and especially Jo the manager) for their support and assistance.

And finally, congratulations to ourselves for resisting the temptation to title this story: “What’s Tim bin up to?”

*Apologies to all diehard Dr Who fans for the incorrect spelling. We meant TARDIS. Of course.

Posted by: RB on 8th May 2014