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Flooded roads - Considerate driving please!

Update – Lottage Road is now closed to through traffic, though residents still have access.

Please be aware that parts of the village are under floodwater, and you cannot drive at usual speeds along many roads, including Lottage Road, West Street and the Square.

If you choose to do so, you are not only putting pedestrians and residents at risk, but your own vehicles, too. Please see this thread on the Forum:

A local vehicle mechanic has said this on the Forum:

“Are drivers aware that engines particularly diesels are like a big vacuum cleaner which will suck in water into the air intake and instantly destroy the engine, without warning. This would cause thousands of pounds to repair/replace.

It is in your own interest to drive as slowly as possible through any water.”

Please take heed of this advice – many are not doing so, and are putting themselves and others at risk.

© Nigel Payne

Posted by: TR on 12th February 2014