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Wiltshire Council election results

Update – The Wiltshire Council website is working only intermittently at the moment, presumably due to the heavy traffic. Thanks to “Dogman” from the forum for spotting the official results when it was momentarily live:

James Sheppard 952
Chris Humphries 538

Turnout 37.32%
Spoiled votes 38

Although we have not received, or seen, any official confirmation, it appears that James Sheppard has been elected as our local councillor. The Gazette & Herald has this news in its live election feed:

1:25pm – Just noticed that veteran Chris Humphries, who switched from Tory to Independent, lost to James Sheppard in Ramsbury.

12:41pm – Veteran councillor and former Conservative Chris Humphries, standing for Aldbourne and Ramsbury as an Independent for the first time, has lost the seat to Conservative James Sheppard.

Wiltshire Council had this information on its Twitter feed around lunchtime:

#WiltsVote13: James Henry Sheppard has been elected for Aldbourne and Ramsbury. Cons win.

No election was held for Aldbourne Parish Council as there were less than 14 candidates.

Thanks to Trish Rushen and Jo Hutchings for scouring the news sources!

Source: The Gazette & Herald

Posted by: RB on 3rd May 2013