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Dog Fouling on the Parish Council Agenda

The issue of dog fouling is on the agenda for the July Parish Council meeting. This is a long standing problem, not just here but across the UK.

The depth of feeling on the subject is passionate (see numerous posts on the forum, going back many years), so it seems an appropriate time to reproduce Katie Thorp’s letter in the June edition of the Dabchick:

Please don’t tar all dog owners with the FOUL antics of a few irresponsible ones!

I think I became new to dog owning and managing the Aldbourne Community Volunteers around the same time. Since then I tend to notice, perhaps more than I would have done, litter and dog mess. The latter is the main subject for this rant.

In my view dog fouling in this village seems to fall into two areas; those who use the cover of winter darkness not to pick their dog’s excrement and those who go to the trouble of picking it up, bagging it, and then leave it!

Regarding the former; our village is beautiful and attracts a lot of visitors, walkers and tourists. As I write this article in early April the village is blighted by dog excrement all over. Do we really want our village to be remembered by visitors as a dog’s toilet?

It is illegal not to clear up after your dog and carries a £1,000 fine. It is very easy these days for someone to take a video or photo from a mobile phone, email it to the council and for the guilty party to pick up a fine. Please clear up after your dog!

With regard to the owners who take the trouble to bag their dog’s excrement and then leave it (and no, these people aren’t doing it to pick up later as I know some people do); frankly it beggars belief. Dog poo in a plastic bag does not bio-degrade, IT CAN’T!

The main areas that this happens are the Four Barrows path, Palmers playing field and, would you believe, outside the Co-op. Can someone explain to me why? Is it belligerence, stupidity or ignorance?

Over Easter, I spent a couple of hours while walking my dog clearing up the lane that goes to the Barrows. I collected various items of litter, which is annoying in itself, and approximately twenty full poo bags. Some just left on the floor, others slung in the bushes and other tied to branches of bushes. Madness! Having gone to the trouble of bagging it, go the extra mile and take it home or put it in the bin at the bottom of the lane.

Palmers playing fields; we know as dog owners that we really shouldn’t use this area to cut across to the local country side, and I would be the first to put my hands up as doing that at times. BUT if I needed to, I would clear up after my dog as do the majority of people who cut through it.

On the last Big Tidy eight poo bags were found here, and one plastic carrier bag containing a large dog’s ‘output’! Children play on those fields and there are two litter bins in the vicinity to dump these bags.

If anyone sees someone leaving letting full poo/carrier bags, please let me or a Parish Councillor know. If you don’t know the person’s name, a description, the type of dog and the time would be useful.

Katie Thorp

The Parish Councillor linked to the item on the agenda is Alison Edmonds. Both her and Katie’s contact details are shown below, as are the Parish Clerk’s.

Source: Katie Thorp - The Dabchick

Posted by: RB on 2nd July 2013

Contact Details

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Alison Edmonds
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Mrs Karen Clay (Parish Clerk)
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