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Aldbourne Football Club Revival plan

Please see the following message from Steve Goddard:

“We are pleased to advise that Aldbourne once again has a village football team.

Since Carnival there has been some major moves undertaken to get things done to start making this a reality. You may have noticed the Farm Lane football field has been remarked out and goal posts repainted.

The squad of players we have is a minimum 90% from the village, and considering we have had no youth teams for 7 years it proves how much this village is lacking in facilities for sports. We are working with the local residents, and have been welcomed by the Parish Council in what we are trying to achieve which will be league status next August (2016).

Whilst some are not in favour of Palmers Field development, surely it is time for the whole village to come together and support the new sports facilities. The lads from the village now using football are effectively the lost generation. When they grew up the village had nothing to offer them, so most had to travel to other villages to play for them.

We have an opportunity as a village to avoid this happening again. I ask we support the Parish Council and ARC in making this happen.

Last Sunday we played our first match at home versus Marlborough Vets and won 5-1!

Finally a Polite request from us is could you please try to stop allowing dogs to foul on the pitch area as this has taken a lot of work to get playable.


Posted by: RB on 10th December 2015

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