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Have you seen a wallaby?

Update – Wanda has bounced home! Despite a few days sniffing around Ramsbury Brewery (“Aaah, mmm, smell the Gold!)”, the homing instinct finally kicked in and this particular bouncing marsupial is now safe and well. According to this news report, however, there are a few more out there…

Where’s Wanda, Wiltshire’s wandering wallaby?

The Wiltshire Wallaby Watch is a group on Facebook who are trying to find the missing wallaby that has been sighted around Wiltshire. Wanda has travelled from Mildenhall where she hopped off from her loving home as she fancied taking herself on a little holiday.

She has been happy enjoying the lovely weather and has covered quite some distance, she has hopped, skipped and jumped all over the hills, fields and villages of Wiltshire.

The group are working closely with her owners, local communities, police and mammal experts alike to help keep Wanda safe from harm and to organise a rescue mission.

If you see Wanda please don’t frighten her by making chase, just let the group know where she is and call 101 and everyone will do their best to get her home safe and well. You can also post onto their Facebook page.

Here is a link to a map of Wanda’s wanderings:

Thanks to IanW for his initial post on the forum. Come on Wanda, it’s time to head home!

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Posted by: RB on 7th August 2014