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Update on Aldbourne Neighbourhood Plan

Please see the article below from Parish Councillor Paul Niblock, regarding the proposed Aldbourne Neighbourhood Plan:

“Some time ago I wrote in The Dabchick that, on behalf of the Parish Council, I was looking into the value of creating a Neighbourhood Plan for Aldbourne. After a lot of research we have concluded that it appears to be one Government initiative worth following up – and not only because of the immediate increase in the share of any relevant community infrastructure levy which Aldbourne would receive once a Neighbourhood Plan is in place.

The additional, significant, benefit is that there is a legal requirement that any planning application submitted within the Neighbourhood Area (the geographical region covered by the plan) must be assessed against the relevant policies contained within our Neighbourhood Plan. It’s not intended to act as a barrier to development, but to help shape the nature and location of any development that takes place.

This includes:

  • Housing and development (Including the type and number of new homes as well as schools/pre and after school facilities, elderly care, places of worship, youth centres, community and village halls).
  • Recreation and leisure (Such as health, leisure and entertainment facilities; the protection and creation of open space, nature reserves, allotments, sports pitches, play areas, parks and tree planting).
  • Infrastructure (Issues around roads, cycling, walking and disabled access, public transport, drainage etc.).
  • Business (Provision for businesses to set up or expand their premises).
  • Environment (Protection of important buildings and historic assets, design of buildings, recycling and waste issues).
  • Any other issues that emerge during the consultation process.

The first step is to define the Neighbourhood Area via a planning application to Wiltshire Council. The sole purpose of this is to decide upon the area covered by the Plan and it does not change the status of any land within that area in any way. The suggestion of the Parish Council is that we use the Parish Boundary as it would appear to be the most logical area.

This is a consultative process involving all members of the community and the suggested area is simply a starting point that will provide the basis for input from anyone wishing to express an opinion. It is also only the beginning of a process that culminates in a referendum requiring a majority vote before the Neighbourhood Plan comes into effect. That process will also involve distributing more information to all households, at least one public meeting, a draft plan and further consultation. It could take some time.

Our request to all residents is that if they are interested they review the area suggested, shown here but also available from any Parish Councillor. Once you’ve done that please pass any relevant comments back to any Parish Councillor or via email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and they will be taken into account as we move to the next stage.”

Cllr Paul Niblock

Posted by: RB on 10th December 2015

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