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Power Cuts!

The village has suffered two major power cuts in the last 48 hours. Apparently there were two incidents that caused these, one a bird strike on power lines near The Garlings and the other a lorry hitting a pole near Ramsbury Brewery.

More information can be found on the Parish Council Facebook page or on the Forum “here(Power Cuts)”: or here(Electrical Outages November 2015)”:

Here are the latest updates:

Update 2 – Via Peter Lawler on the forum: Having spoken to the man from the Scottish and Southern Electricity Company in the village today it seems the power cuts last night were due to physical damage to a power line, possibly a bird flying into it. The result was that various fuses were damaged in a lot of locations. They are fixing these but some more short term cuts are inevitable as they can’t work on them whilst they are live.

They tell me that tomorrow, Wednesday 4th, some outlying areas will have to have their power cut whilst they do work, its hoped this will be during day light hours but will be unannounced as it comes under the category of emergency work, however its hoped it will be for a short time, 30 minutes was suggested but not quoted.

I am told that they will try and notify homes that will be cut off after tomorrow as the emergency phase will have passed. Its also the intention to remove the generator up Castle Street as soon as possible as they were concerned about people living near it.

Update 1 – The Parish Council has been advised that the recent electrical outages in the village have been caused by a bird bringing down some lines. There will be further outages in the village during this week as the Electricity Board work to fix the problem. Tomorrow out lying areas of the village will be affected by the work being done to fix the problems. Please do pass this message onto anyone who does not have access to the internet.

Posted by: RB on 4th November 2015