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Springs, floods & sewage news

Update 22 – News of yet another sewage outflow on Lottage Road around noon yesterday (Friday 11th April), please see this forum post from Trish Rushen for details.

Update 21 – According to this forum post by Anne Deuchar there has been another outflow of raw sewage, this time in West Street (as of Monday 31st March). Once again please consider taking precautionary measures regarding handwashing and cleaning/changing of footwear.

Update 20 – There has been a major outflow of raw sewage on Lottage Road this morning (Monday 17th March). This sewage has been exiting a manhole cover and running down the road and into the Bourne. The relevant agencies have been informed and there are currently two contractors vehicles on site.

Please be warned that even though a clean up operation is underway there is still sewage visible in the road and vehicles are passing through this area and on into other parts of the village. Therefore it would be advisable to maintain any precautionary measures regarding handwashing and cleaning/changing of footwear.

Update 19 – Latest update from the Parish Council:

Due to ongoing concerns for the health of residents in the village, the Environmental Health Department at Wiltshire Council has arranged for sewage to be over pumped into the Bourne. Thames Water are due to start this either later today or tomorrow. The pump will be in The Square and the pipes will run along old South Street by Ivy Cottage. It has been advised that the pumps are super quiet ones, so there should be no disturbance to neighbouring properties. However, should anyone experience any noise or other issues due to this pumping please let the Parish Council know.

Update 18 – Local MP Claire Perry’s recent message includes the information that the Prime Minister has announced new grants of up to £5,000 per property for flood defences. Use this link for more information. Click here for details about the Flood Support Forum in East Grafton.

Update 17 – Please note that anyone who is suffering, or has recently suffered from D & V, should report it to their Doctor, the Environmental Department at Wiltshire Council or the Parish Council, to assist investigations into the health risks caused by the current flooding & sewage problems. Use this link for more details from the Parish Council. Click here for updates about current street cleaning arrangements.

Update 16 – There has been an update in the forum regarding the potential increased risk of stomach bugs. Click here for the link.

Update 15 – Just in case anyone needs any more flooding advice, there is a helpful summary on the Citizens Advice Bureau website. Click here for the link.

Update 14 – No collections are being made from the post box on Lottage Road, due to the floodwaters. It appears postal staff are not allowed to access the box at all until the water levels are down. Thankfully a member of the public has put a warning notice on the box. This forum thread has more details.

Update 13 – Please see the following information from Aldbourne Parish Council:

Wiltshire Council has already supplied a very large number of sandbags to the village, but unfortunately further supplies are limited. If you are in urgent need of sandbags as your property is flooding or about to flood please contact any of the 3 people shown below to order some bags. The bags will be delivered direct to your property by Wiltshire Council. We will need your name, address and a contact number.

Karen Clay 01793 861404
Alison Edmonds 01672 540114
Hazel Keen 07717 194335

If you are not in urgent need of sandbags but feel you may need some, it is recommended you try to obtain some for yourself from a DIY store or builders’ merchant.

Also, please see this post in the forum for more information about the health risks due to the sewage surcharge in the village.

Please note Wiltshire Council are sending their One Stop Flood Advice Bus to the village on Wednesday 19th February 2014. They will be in The Square between 10:00am and 2:00pm.

Update 12 – There have been several reports of suspicious activity and possible theft in the village over the last few days. This information has been passed on to the police. They have advised residents to be vigilant, especially so given the vulnerable situation many villagers are presently in, and to contact the police immediately if you see any persons or vehicles acting strangely.

Update 11 – The Parish Council has been pointed towards the National Flooding Forum as a good source of information for those affected by flooding, or in danger of being flooded. The forum was set up in 2002 in response to floods across the country around that time. They are also a good place for people to contact if they are having issues with their insurance company. Their telephone number is 01299 403055. Their website can be found via this link. Alternatively, click here for their user friendly booklet with lots of practical help.

Update 10 – Lottage Road is now closed to through traffic, though residents still have access. For those children who usually catch the school bus in Lottage Road the latest advice is that they should now wait for their bus in the Square.

Update 9 – Please see the following message from Aldbourne Parish Council:

Aldbourne Community Emergency Plan

The severe weather warnings for the next few days may make the flood situation in the village even more serious/dangerous. The Community Emergency Response Team is monitoring the situation and is ready to implement the Emergency Plan if it becomes necessary to evacuate large numbers of people or if the Emergency Services request our support in some other way.

Please note: the Emergency Plan is not an alternative to the emergency services. If there is an emergency you should always dial 999.

We are very aware of the many, many people in the village who keep an eye on their vulnerable neighbours and help out when needed. This has been especially noticeable during the current flooding and is one of the things that make Aldbourne so special. Please carry on – we do not in any way wish to replace this.

Please keep checking here for further updates.

Karen Clay (Parish Clerk)

Update 8 – The current stock of sandbags has nearly all gone unfortunately. However, the Parish Council has managed to arrange with Wiltshire Council to have some more delivered to the village ASAP.

Update 7 – The sandbags have now arrived and are outside the Community Junction. The supply of these bags is very limited and Aldbourne may not get another delivery of them. The Parish Council therefore asks that households limit the number they take to 15. The sandbags are for residents who are already flooded or are in imminent danger of being flooded. They should not be taken ‘just in case’. Residents who are not in dire need currently should consider the purchase of their own sandbags.

Update 6BBC Wiltshire Radio interviewed Sue Rendell from the Post Office and Nick Josephy from DIG on the Ben Prater morning programme today, Tuesday 11th February. You can listen to the interviews via this link. Please note this link will only work for the next seven days. The piece about flooding in Aldbourne begins approximately 1 hour and 46 minutes into the programme (you should be able to scroll forward to this point).

Update 5 – Wiltshire Council and the Parish Council are organising the delivery of more sandbags to the Community Junction to help control the risk of flooding there. Also, the worsening flood situation has received attention in the local media, including this article on the Gazette & Herald website, and this one from the Swindon Advertiser.

Update 4 – Aldbourne Youth Council would like to offer Aldbourne residents the use of Community Junction if they are flooded and need somewhere warm and dry in an emergency or use of the Kitchen. Please can residents contact Carol Flinders, chair of trustees on 07736 668639 or Hazel Keen on 07717 194335 to obtain access if the centre is closed.

Update 3 – Please see this news item about driving conditions in the village.

Update 2 – The Environment Agency have published a briefing document covering ground water level rises. Please use the download link below to access a copy.

Update 1 – Wiltshire Council have now published their own briefing document. Please use the download link below to access a copy.

Please see the download link below for comprehensive information regarding the current flooding and sewage issues in the village.

This statement has been issued jointly by the Drainage Improvement Group (DIG) and the Parish Council. It contains the relevant contact details for Thames Water, Wiltshire Council and the Environment Agency.

If you don’t get a satisfactory response from any of the agencies mentioned in the document please let DIG know. They will try to ensure that the agencies do take any concerns seriously and respond accordingly.

Contact details are shown below for DIG representatives and the Parish Clerk. For matters relating to Wiltshire Council, please get in touch with our councillor James Sheppard, again, see details below.

Following the first visit this winter of Thames Water’s Flood Bus on 21st January, Andy Gingell from the same agency has passed on an advice note for residents. Again, please see the download link below.

For more information about DIG please see this page in the community section.

Posted by: DW/RB on 12th April 2014


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