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Tankers gone, and DIG rises!

Good news – the tankers have finally left Aldbourne and pumping has ceased!

According to Thames Water, tankering operations have officially finished in Aldbourne, after (this is the best estimate so far), a mere 138 days! There are, however, some clearing up operations in progress towards Whittonditch.

The last few weeks have seen the forming of DIG (Drainage Improvement Group) from what was previously the Sewer Action Group (SAG). The DIG is comprised of:

William Brown (PC)
Graham Cook
Michael Cowan
Alison Edmonds (PC)
Jude Edmondson
Mike Hosking
Nick Josephy (Chairman)
Simon Knighton
Peter Lawler (PC)
Jim Oliver (Secretary)
Dyson Wilkes
Jim Wallace

The stated objective of DIG is:

  • Establish the causes of the sewer and groundwater flooding in the village
  • Identify the range of solutions which could address it
  • Achieve the implementation of the measure or measures which will reduce the risk of future flooding, in terms of incidence and seriousness, to the greatest extent reasonably possible.

DIG is starting to work with the relevant Agencies (Thames Water, Environment and Wiltshire Council) to achieve these objectives.

For further information please contact Nick Josephy or Jim Oliver via the details below.

Many thanks to Jim for his updates here and on the forum regarding all the sewage and flooding problems in the village this winter. Onward, upward, dryward…

Posted by: RB on 4th April 2013

Contact Details

Nick Josephy
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Jim Oliver
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