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Target Who delivers books to Devil's End!

Target Who is a group of Dr Who fans who are donating 14,000 brand new Dr Who books to school libraries to support children’s literacy.

For more details about their project, a story that begins with thousands of books dumped in a skip, have a look at this article in the Times Educational Supplement or this one in the Radio Times.

They have recently paid a visit to St. Michael’s School in Aldbourne, a trip with special significance for any Dr Who fans given the staging of The Daemons episode here in the seventies. An account of their visit appears here on their blog, and their Facebook and Twitter pages have confirmed the further donation of an original Daemons paperback, plus half a dozen others, from another generous fan, Roger Smith.

Many thanks to David Dovey and Andrew Ledger of the Target Who team for their fabulous efforts – Devil’s End salutes them!

Posted by: RB on 17th July 2014