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Thames Water advice: Bin it - don't block it

Thanks to a resident in the square we have been sent the leaflet that Thames Water issues to households regarding what can, and what can’t be flushed down your loo. Please see the download link for details.

Put simply, the sewers are only designed to take away water, toilet tissue and human waste. It is apparent from the contents emerging from the sewers in the centre of the village that not everyone is aware of what they should and should not be flushing down their toilets and sinks.

A reduction in these other items would certainly alleviate, however slightly, the unpleasant leaks in and around the square. There are health issues at stake too, so please, do take time to read the leaflet.

It would also be helpful if people tried to use less water (rather counter intuitive when there is an abundance of the stuff!) As well as encouraging people in the village to share this message, all these combined actions may help avoid serious and devastating flooding.

Similar advice is available here on the Thames Water website.

Posted by: RB on 9th January 2013