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Who are the Boys on the Bench?

Update – The boys have been identified! Please see this thread in the forum for details.

The website team have received an interesting email from Peter Clark, whose parents moved to Aldbourne in the sixties. He has been sorting through the papers of his father, who passed away recently.

Included in these papers is a wonderful photo of eight gentlemen sitting on the infamous bench in The Square, and we’d love to help him identify them all. Here’s some family background from Peter:

“My parents moved to Aldbourne from Chilton Foliat in about 1960 and lived in Barn House prior to rebuilding three adjacent cottages which became Pudley Cottage. My father was a senior partner with the Ramsbury Solicitors firm, Phelps and Lawrence. He moved to Hungerford in 1982. My eldest son was christened by the Rev Percy Chapman in the Church in May 1973.”

Peter thinks the photo was taken around 1968. Is anyone able to help identify the sitters? A full size version of the photo is viewable on the Aldbourne Village Gallery via this link. Please do post in the forum, or email us if you can help unravel the mystery!

Many thanks to Jo Hutchings for her help with the photograph.

© Peter Clark

Posted by: RB on 13th March 2013