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What’s with the Cloven Hoof?

Anyone passing by the Blue Boar recently may have noticed an interesting addition to the scenery on the Green. Bin aficionados may have noticed too – yes, Mr Tim Beattie has been busy again, and Aldbourne now sports four marvellous custom made bins, this one continuing the Dr Who theme of the first two.

We’ve had a TARDIS, and then a Dalek, and now it’s time for The Cloven Hoof version, the pub that featured in the 1971 episode “Doctor Who and the Daemons”, starring Jon Pertwee. At its unveiling earlier in the month, Tim Beattie explained:

“The other custom made bins in the village have swallowed 2500 litres of rubbish since they were installed, so it’s clear that people like putting their rubbish in them. It’s well know that the Blue Boar became the Cloven Hoof for the Dr Who episode, but not many people remember or have seen a picture of the pub sign.”

He continued: “Though there’s a small picture of it inside the pub, we thought it would be a good idea for this bin to become a larger version of the Cloven Hoof sign.” After paying tribute to Michael Beck, Bob Shepherd, Dave Watson and Nick Leigh for their assistance with the bin’s fabrication, and to Michael and Joanne Hehir who run the Blue Boar, the bin was then unveiled to a round of cheers.

Later, after celebrations had quietened, Tim was asked whether he planned to continue the Dr Who series. A Cyberman perhaps? A Weeping Angel? Checking who was within earshot, the question was met with a glint in his eye, and nothing else but The Silence.

Posted by: RB on 1st August 2015