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Who moved the goal posts?

Update – It appears now that this situation is purely the result of a misunderstanding. A well meaning neighbour helped move the goal posts with the grass cutting contractor, so the long grass around the posts could be cut more easily. The anchors were taken home for safe-keeping, as they could not be properly fixed at the time. Hopefully everything is now resolved!

Please see the following message from Karen Clay, the Parish Clerk:

Councillors spent time earlier this week moving the two goal posts on Whitley Field to the other side of the field. They ensured the nets were pegged with new pegs and that the frames were secured to the ground with metal pegs, kindly made and donated from within the village.

The reason this was done was to allow the grass to regrow at the goal mouths, and to put them further from the houses.

Today it has been discovered that the goal posts have been moved back across the field. The two ground anchors have been removed and lost, though the nets were at least re-pegged.

It is extremely frustrating that the measures taken by the Council, which were done for the benefit of all users and the neighbouring properties, have been undone by a thoughtless few. The Council are keen for these nets to remain on Whitley Field as they know how popular they are.

However, if they continue to be abused and moved the Council may have to consider removing them permanently. The Council will return the nets to the new position again.

If anyone sees them being moved back to the other side of the field please contact the Parish Clerk or Cllr Alison Edmonds (via the links below).

Posted by: RB on 20th June 2014

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