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Wiltshire Police Bulletin

The website has received two messages from PC David Tippetts and PCSO Jonathan Mills. The first message reads:

Crime update – Catalytic converter thefts

Dear all,

There has been a rise in the number of thefts of catalytic convertors across the county recently. Favoured vehicles appear to be Mercedes Sprinters and Ford Rangers.

There are alarms available to protect against this type of offence which cost around £400 with the cost of a new exhaust system being £3000. Please report any suspicious activity via 101 or a crime in progress always 999.

Kind regards,


The second message reads:

Dear all,

Please be aware of a new scam that has taken place in Swindon/Royal Wootton Bassett area. There is a possibility that this could affect areas across the whole county.

Females are attending Post Offices and businesses asking for £20 notes to be changed into £10 notes or the other way around. After some confusion and distraction of staff they are then asking for the £10/£20 notes back. When females have left staff have discovered money missing.

These females are described as Eastern European. If anyone has any information regarding this or is a victim of this crime please report it on 101.

Kind regards,

Jonathan Mills

Posted by: RB on 13th May 2013