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Exterminating Rubbish!

News of Aldbourne’s most recent bin has now reached the BBC! See below for details (or listen to Lee Stone’s BBC Wiltshire radio show via this link, 52 minutes in…)

Dalek bin to tackle litter problem in Wiltshire village

A 5.5ft (1.7m) Dalek-shaped rubbish bin has been installed in a village in Wiltshire to help tackle littering. The Dr Who-style bin has joined a Tardis-shaped bin which was placed on the square in Aldbourne in December.

Created by local mechanic Tim Beattie, the bins were inspired by a 1971 episode of Dr Who which was filmed in the village. Mr Beattie said: “Everybody seems to like the Tardis and it’s worked… it’s kept that area of the square tidy.”

It was more than 30 years ago that the picturesque village of Aldbourne was transformed into Devils End for the episode Doctor Who and the Daemons, starring Jon Pertwee. Since then Dr Who fans have made pilgrimages to the area and the village has hosted a number of Doctor Who conventions.

“It’s quite topical in the village but there was nothing here to suggest that Dr Who was filmed here,” said Mr Beattie. “And I’d noticed that there always seemed to be a lot of rubbish around the seat in the square. So after a couple of pints in the pub – the idea was raised of putting a customised bin there, one that was a bit different.”

The 4ft (1.2m) blue Tardis boasts a solar-powered garden light on top. Last year, a 4ft (1.2m) tall blue Tardis was installed as part of the village’s Keep Aldbourne Tidy campaign.

Equipped with a solar-powered garden light on top, it was not only created by Mr Beattie but he is also responsible for emptying it. This year a metal Dalek complete with a “Do Not Press” button – which plays the message “exterminate, exterminate” when pushed – has been unveiled.

“It has been extremely difficult to make,” said Mr Beattie. “It took about 10 months to build and I had no idea what it was going to end up looking like but I’m very pleased with it. But I think that’s it – I’m not going to make anymore Dr Who bins.”

The Dalek bin has been positioned outside The Crown pub in the centre of the village.

For some photos of the bin’s unveiling please visit this link to the Aldbourne Village Gallery on Flickr.

Source: BBC Wiltshire

Posted by: RB on 8th November 2012

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